LinkBright Media Terms & Conditions

1. LinkBright Media Website Design & Development Services

  1. For projects which we work on directly with clients, and not via the website, we charge for the design and development of websites as follows: Before we start work, a 50% deposit of the total sum due is payable. When the website design is approved by you and the home page is completed, a further 25% is due (design payment). The final 25% is payable when the website is complete and ready to be published (final payment) Your website will only be switched to ‘live’ mode when it has been paid for, in full. The initial deposit payment is non-refundable after LinkBright Media has spent time working on the project.
  2. LinkBright Media will charge a 2% fee for all payments made using PayPal and 1.4% for payments made using a credit card. This fee is charged due to the costs incurred by LinkBright Media for receiving such payments by our service provider. If this is not acceptable to the client, we also accept direct bank payments (BACS).
  3. LinkBright Media own all design and code of the website until final payment has been received in full.


2. LinkBright Media Terms & Conditions

2.1 Hosting

  1. We offer 3 months free hosting for all of our clients, if required. No credit is given for unused free services and we reserve the right to revoke free hosting without prior notice. We will work with you to transfer your hosting elsewhere if your hosting is revoked.
  2. We provide a free transfer service on a case by case base only and this will be offered to you only after we review your current hosting. We do not provide free hosting transfers from Freeola, GoDaddy and some other hosting companies due to the additional amount of time it takes to work with those hosting administration panels.
  3. We provide full cPanel administrator access to your hosting so you’re free to update your MX records, create new email addresses, etc.
  4. At the end of the 3 months, hosting is charged at our annual rate for website hosting.
  5. If you cancel your hosting at any stage then we will process a refund for FULL unused months e.g. if you have 3 months and 5 days remaining, we will refund the value of 3 months only.
  6. Our hosting service includes daily backups for up to one week ago. We cannot ensure the accuracy of backups and therefore strongly recommend that you deploy your own backup plan, and regularly download your backups to an offline device such as an external hard drive.

2.2. Website Design and Development Services

Our invoice payment terms is 7 days after the date on the invoice. We will apply late fees to invoices which are not paid 31 days after the due date on your invoice – these are applied due to the additional administration required to deal with late invoice payments. In case of unpaid invoices for website design and development services, the debt will be passed to a 3rd party debt collection service and you will be also be liable to pay 3rd party debt collection fees in addition to the outstanding invoice amount and late fees. In addition to this your website files will expire after an extended period of non-payment.

4. Governing Law

Any disputes arising out of or related to these Terms of Service and/or any use by you of LinkBright Media services shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands, without regard to the conflicts of law’s provisions therein.