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Hosting - LinkBright Media
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We offer 3 months free hosting for all of our clients, if required (offer only available for the ‘standard’ and ‘medium’ plans). We provide full cPanel administrator access to your hosting so you’re free to update your MX records, create new email addresses, etc. At the end of the 3 months, hosting is charged at £30 per year for standard website hosting (please see below for prices). You can also upgrade within the first 3 months and you’ll be invoiced on a pro rata basis.

If you cancel your hosting service within the year, you will be issued with a refund on a pro rata basis for unused services.

Domain Registration

The following prices are subject to sales tax:

.com  £10 / €12 for one year
.co.uk  £7 / €8.50 for one year
.eu  £10.50 / €12 for one year 
.nl  £7.50 / €9 for one year
.be  £7.50 / €9 for one year

SSL Certificates

Certificates are necessary for loading your site securely. When you have a website certificate, the browser shows that this is a secure page as shown below:

SSL certificates

SSL certificates cost £45 + VAT (€55 + VAT) per year.

3 Months Free & Free Transfer Service

  • We offer 3 months free hosting to all of our existing clients who are using our website design, development or SEO services.
  • We also offer a free hosting/website transfer service and can usually do this same-day on weekdays. There are some exceptions to this e.g. moving from Freeola and GoDaddy (please ask for details).


Hosting Features

Our hosting using cPanel which is the best hosting administrator software on the market. With our hosting you can do the following:

  • You can create your own email addresses for your domain
  • You can use webmail via your domain e.g. www.mydomain.com/webmail
  • You can use a one-click configuration setup for Outlook
  • You can edit your email settings to forward all your emails to your email hosted somewhere else e.g. Gmail
  • You can set up mail forwarders and ‘catch all’ agents
  • You can back your website up
  • You can restore your website
  • You can install website software with just one click using Softaculous Apps Installer e.g. WordPress, Magento, forum software, CRM software, OpenCart, PrestaShop and more.
  • You can create FTP accounts
  • You can edit your website databases using PhpMyAdmin
  • You can edit your website files via the built-in File Manager
  • You can see your website visitor statistics
  • You can park domains and have them point at an existing website
  • You can set up cron jobs e.g. you can have your Magento sitemap auto updated every night.

Hosting Location

We are able to create your hosting account in a number of locations worldwide including the UK. Why should you choose UK-based hosting as a UK company? If your website is hosted in the UK then it is more likely to be seen as relevant in UK searches e.g. in google.co.uk

Superb Support & Fantastic Performance

FASTER Hosting

Our hosting is FASTER! than average shared hosting services and it’s even suitable for hosting resource-hungry Magento eCommerce websites. We also offer the first 3 months free and there are no setup costs so we will transfer your website for you.

OUTSTANDING Availability

Here is a report from independent availability testing pingdom.com showing hosting availability of 99.97% over a period of 6 months.